Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin for Pooches

Pumpkins are everywhere right now. So they inspired me to share this high fiber treat for your Best Buddy. It is also good for dogs who might have runny poopy to help firm things up a bit. Though if it's persistent then you need to see your vet to rule out parasites or other problems.

2 teaspoons pumpkin puree
1 tbls cream cheese
1/4 cup corn flakes or high fiber cereal

In a bowl, mix the pumpkin and cheese and roll into a ball the coat with the cereal.
Serve as a treat or store in the fridge till later.

Makes One treat

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Teething Puppies

We have had a lot of new puppy parents coming around lately and they all have the same problem. Their new buddies is chewing up everything in sight.

Just like Human babies, puppy's mouths hurt when those new teeth come in and they are just looking for a way to relieve the pain. I have two solutions for you:

1. If you haven't already purchased one get a Kong toy for puppies.

Now fill it with peanut butter and freeze it solid. The Kong is a very tough toy designed for heavy chewing... I've had mine for about 8 years now and it's been through 2 dogs. The peanut butter helps keep them interested in chewing on the Kong and the cold soothes your puppies sore gums.

2. A second option is to take a clean washcloth and get it damp. Then tie a knot in the middle and freeze. It will serve the same purpose as the Kong in numbing puppies sore gums and the texture of the washcloth will massage them.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Rex The Turtle

It's been a while since I posted pics of Rex and I was having a lovely chat today with a couple who also owned Red Eared Sliders and I didn't have a picture to share so I told them to stop by.

These aren't the best pics Rex was being camera shy

and when I tried to hold him my son put his finger in the picture.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cute Pics From the Pet Store

Don't bother me can't ya see I'm sleeping

Peek A Boo

Mice Mice Everywhere
The best day to watch mice is right after the cage is cleaned they are completely nuts

Monday, October 3, 2011

It's National Adopt a Dog Month

Welcome to National Adopt a Dog Month.

Since it is Adopt a Dog Month I am finally going to post something that has been bugging me for a while. This is the one post I hope will go viral and reach everyone.

Puppy mills exist for one reason and one reason only... profit! They want to make some fast cash and they don't care about the animals they hurt to do it.

The only way to stop a puppy mill is to take away their profit and its a lot easier then you think. All you have to do is when you decide to get a new companion for your family DON'T go to a pet store this is where most mill dogs are sold. I don't care what they tell you about where they got the dog!

Do you think a store that is selling puppy mill dogs are going to be honest with you?

Instead go to your local shelter and adopt a dog. Not only will you be giving a much needed home to a wonderful companion but you will be saving the life of the dog that can now take his place.

I know what your thinking...

BUT I want a certain breed of dog or what if they don't have a dog I like? The answer is simple! Go to

This wonderful site lets you search local shelters for your perfect New Best Friend. You can search by breed, age, sex, distance from you, whether or not its good with kids or other pets. It is a great (and did I mention FREE) service to people looking for a new dog.

If everyone started adopting dogs instead of buying the overpriced, inbreed and ill dogs from pet stores then PUPPY MILLS would collapse because they would stop making money off the dogs they don't give a damn about.

Still want a pure breed then visit The for a wonderful checklist you can take with you to meet your potential Breeder and help you avoid the pitfalls of a puppy mill purchase!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Indoor or Outdoor Cat ... a Message from Boots

Hello all Boots the Cat here. Ya know when we get visitors to the house I may be hiding under the bed but I'm still listening. Every now and then someone tells my human that they should let me outside to play.

Now I'm here to set the record straight I'm perfectly happy right here inside where it's safe!

Our vet told my human that the average life expectancy of an outdoor cat is only 2 to 5 years while an indoor cat can live for 15 years or more. I remember my old friend Fitz he lived for 18 years before he got sick.

There are all kind of deadly things waiting for a house cat like me cars, dogs , coyotes or foxes just to name a few. There's also those little biting bugs like fleas and ticks just waiting for a nice furry guy like me to happen along.

There is also a bigger exposure to cat illnesses like rabies leukemia and distemper. Not to mention WORMS ... ew can you imagine those crawling around inside you? Just thinking about it makes me want to hide under the couch.

When my humans are watching the box with the moving pictures, I'm watching the birds but I'm still listening. They say there are people who watch dogs fight for the fun of it. Now I"m not a big dog fan, let me tell you, but that sounds cruel even to me. My owners were talking of how those people steal other people pets like small dogs and cats to use as bait. Can you imagine the horror.... out for a nice stroll, stalking a bird or mouse and someone grabs you up hauls you away from your comfy home and throws you to a dog who proceeds to rip you to shreds.....

NO Thanks I'll stay inside! Thanks for your concern I'm happy, healthy and well intertained by my big picture window and my playful owners.

Now if you have been letting your cat out and want to keep him safe and not missing the outdoors make sure he has a nice window seat to look out from.
Play with him often and when your not home make sure he has so toys to play with. I love my empty box to climb in and hide out. I also love paper bags and tissue paper is a blast. Don't forget the Catnip (send some to me to please I LOVE the catnip its just soooo purrrfect.)
Keep his litter box clean.
Spay or neuter them to help reduce the wanderlust and un wanted kittens
Last don't forget those vet checkups to head off any problems.

Thanks for listening I'm off to make one of those mad dashes that leave my humans scratching their heads and wondering what I"m up to. Hey I gotta keep them guessing right?