Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Most Amazing Dog I've Ever Seen

I was at work the other day at Petco. I was working the register and it was a slow slow day. Someone had left a magazine at the register and I noticed an article about how to tackle the 5 toughest training problems. As I was flipping through the magazine I saw the strangest site. A dog wearing an Army shirt standing on his back legs.

That made me stop and take a second look. When I looked at the next photo of the dog I saw it had no front legs. I was shocked. I though maybe it was an Army work dog that had been injured in the line of duty. So I flipped to the front of the article and started reading about Faith The Wonder Dog.

Faith wasn't an Army Working dog but a dog that was born with one leg missing and one that in bad shape. (that one was later lost) The family that took her in took turns taking care of the puppy, refusing to put her to sleep. They started teaching her to get up using peanut butter. One day they took her outside in the snow and Faith got up and started hopping around the yard. Now Faith walks on two legs its absolutely amazing. I went online to the magazines website and watched the video with Oprah it was so cool. I also discovered that Faith and her family have their own website which you can visit here and see Faith in Action.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Ok Tim and Michelle I'm about to post pictures of the prizes I'm sending your way so If you want to be surprised then Don't read any further.

That's Not IT

NOPE That's not It Either

Nope Not YET!

Are they gone???

Ok to everyone else here is what I'm sending my wonderful winners both of whom had dogs.

That's both prizes there. Both winners will be getting a reusable Shopping bag with the Petco Foundation Logo on it for those trips to the pet store to buy their doggies a treat. A bag of Natural Balance Treats with Potato and Duck. I picked the Natural Balance Treats since I don't know if either family's pets have allergies so I'm playing it safe. They are both getting a Dispenser that hooks onto their leash that holds baggies for clean up. I love mine it makes it so easy to remember to take something along to keep the neighborhood clean. They are both getting a toy too but different ones. Tim and his family have a Maltipoo which is a small dog so I'm sending them the Stars and Strips chew bone. Michelle and her family have two Golden Retrievers so I'm sending them the Stars and Strips ball and tug rope. I hope they like their prizes. Now where did I put those boxes :D

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Garden Enemy or Bird Food

I found this little guy out on my driveway yesterday. He looks quite a bit like the snails I keep in my fish tanks so I took some pictures to share.

Some Snail Facts:
1. The largest land snail ever found was 15 inches long and weighed 2 pounds!
2. Snails reply mainly on their sense of touch and smell when finding food because they have very poor eyesight.
3. Snails cannot hear.
4. Snails can retract one or both of their tentacles at a time.
5. Garden Snails mainly eat garden plants and vegetables, but they will also eat decaying plants and soil.
6. Garden snails evolved from sea snails about 600 million years ago.

There are some out there who view these little fellows as Garden pests to be terminated with extreme prejudice. They seem to forget in an effort to save their garden that all things in nature work together. You see these are also tasty treats for your local song birds. So if you want to control your popluations of snails in your garden then consider turning your back yard into a habitat for song birds. Add a bird bath and some plants they can hide in then some feeders to add variety to their diets. Then you will have yourself a natural control and you can enjoy them for the amazing creatures they are instead of hating them as an enemy of the garden.

Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm Please to Introduce


and Kermit

Our two winners have been notified and I'll be posting their prizes once I find out which type of pets they have. Congratulations to Tim at Fort Thompson and Michelle at My Crazy Life With A Toddler for their winning suggestions.

A shot of Kermit and Rosco

These shots were taken while I was cleaning out there home which is why everything looks very plain and empty.