Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good News and Bad News

First the Good News Rosco Finally started his metamorphosis. That's right he got his back legs and is on the way to being a frog. Woo Hoo. It's a little hard to see in the pictures and I had a heck of a time getting a picture of him at all. We added some plants to his water so he would have something to eat while we were on vacation and the Duck weed kept getting in the way. The Duck weed is the little green flecks on the top of the water.

Now before I get to the bad news. Here is a shot of Kermit in his new habitat. He is sitting on the rock in the middle of the water.

Now of course for the BAD News.... Kermits habitat is leaking.... that is to say the water is leaking over into the land part of his home. All that hard work to give him land and water and I have to start over.

Here is a second shot of him in the water.... see the funny color of the water? That's because the water is leaching into the dirt and causing everything to have a brown tint. So Kermit is going to have to go back with Rosco and I will probably have to put something on the lid to weigh it down so he doesn't knock it off... he is a pretty strong jumper.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Small Wonders

Something wonderful happened today. At the pet store where I work a mamma guinea pig had 4 little babies and lucky me I've got pics to share. Sorry about the fuzziness I was trying hard not to disturb the new mamma.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A sleepy hamster

I'm not dead I just sleep that way
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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cute Pics From The Pet Shop

Here is some thing new for you to stop by for. Every now and while I'm working I see some really cute behavior from our pets that are waiting to go home. When I can I'm going to grab a shot to share with you. I hope you enjoy them. I caught these guys taking a nap.
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Pets and Vacations

We are planning on going on Vacation and the problem arises.....How to care for your pets when your not there.

Dogs and Cats have a very simple solution though kind of expensive. There are kennels and "pet motels" everywhere you go. You simple have to find one you think will care for your pet they way you want them cared for. I am choosing to go with the kennel at my vets. Simply because I have an extremely elderly cat and a dog with a gimpy hip. I know they will get the best care there. But what about the fish, frog, tadpole and turtle?

Fish aren't a big problem either. We have timers from past trips we can place on the lights and picked up some vacation fish food from Petco. It is pyramid shaped and will dissolve over the time we are gone to release food for the fish. If you want to go a little more high tech you can get a battery powered feeder that will drop food in every day.

The real problem is the exotic pets in my case the turtle, tadpole and frog. My solution was to talk to some of the experts and here are the solutions I've decided on. For Rex the Turtle we will be adding some live plants and some feeder fish to his tank since we have a canister filter we shouldn't have to worry about cleaning his tank. We will probably put in some of the small snails to give him something to dig around for too.

We took Kermit the Frog out and put him in his new habitat it's not as finished as I would have liked. I wanted to get some moss growing in there but haven't been successful yet so we added some "Frog Moss" I purchased at Petco to put on the land side until I get the moss to grow. There is enough room that I will be able to add several crickets for him and he will eat some of the fish food that will be released from the vacation food.

As for the Rocso the tad pole he will be a little tricky. You see his little tank wont support a battery operated vacation feeder and though he would eat the food in a vacation pyramid the water would quickly become filthy and he would suffocate. We have added some plants to his habitat. We have chosen Anicharis, which is a long plant that can be placed in the rocks to grow roots or left to float (which is important since the tadpole habitat has no rocks) and some duck weed which is also a floating plant. These will feed the tadpole and help keep the water a little cleaner.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Frog Update and a New water dish

Hey all sorry about the long time between updates my hubby is working on his Masters Degree and I don't get much blog time.

Rosco the tadpole is still a tadpole he doesn't even have back legs yet. I've been searching around to see if it is normal for a tadpole to take so long to change but I haven't really found anything except it can take up to 90 days (I think it has been longer then that.)

If you have been reading along you would remember my comments about my older cat Fitz. If not then I'll tell you. He have become very picky in his old age. Some of the pickyness has to do with his water dish.
He refused to drink from it unless it was completely full. I was becoming rather concerned about whether or not he was drinking enough. So we went out and bought this. It's the Drinkwell pet Fountain.
It provides continuious flowing filtered water for your pet. We opted for the Platinum version because it has a bigger water storage container and since Cricket would drain the old bowl in one sitting we figured it was a better choice.
I have to tell you I love this thing. Fitz sat there for several minutes drinking water I was very happy. As promised on the package it is very quiet the filter on the fish tank makes more noise. The water flow is adjustable which is great for making sure there is no splashing and there is enough water for days. Definately a winning product I wish I had bought it sooner.