Thursday, April 1, 2010

Turtle Bank... A Product Review

We bought this Turtle Bank for our turtle Rex to bask on. It was definitely large enough. Its a floating dock that uses magnets to hold it in place. It is suppose to sink a little to allow the turtle to climb up.

Unfortunately it doesn't work. It may work for a baby turtle but for our large Red Eared Slider Rex it was rubbish. He tried to climb up on it and as the edge he was climbing up began to sink under his weight the edge that was connected to the magnet on the outside of the glass started to pull away from the glass. Then it the magnet came lose and the floating bank flipped over taking Rex with it. We tried several time even trying to support the edge with the rock that is in there as decoration but to no avail.

If it had much stronger magnets it might work... Maybe not. But I'll be taking it back and will not be recommending it to any turtle owners I know.

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