Sunday, February 28, 2010

Small Animal Saturdays

Ok I know it's Sunday but as they say Better Late Then Never.

This question was asked the other day: How do I keep my Hamster from biting me?

You need to earn his trust to get him to stop. If he is biting you then he is afraid of you. Remember rodents are food for lots of other animals and they are afraid of everything. To earn his trust try the following steps.

1. Give him a couple of days with out handling him. This will allow him time to relax.
2. After a couple of days offer him a treat with one hand while gently petting his back with the other. Make sure you wash your hands so they don't smell like anything eatable.
3 After a couple of days with the hand feeding try picking him up make sure you scoop him so that you are supporting his hind legs this will make him feel more secure. If you are worried about being bitten again then try scooping him up using his house or a small box so you can hold him close to you and pet him with out getting your hands near his mouth.

Also make sure he has a chance to fully wake up before trying to pick him up ;)

It may take a while before he feels secure with you but take your time and you will be able to hold him without getting bitten.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Small Animal Saturdays

Hello all Welcome once again to Small Animal Saturday.

A question I often get asked at work is what is the best size cage for my "Hamster.. Guinea Pig... Mouse..ETC." There is only one way to answer this question. The Largest size cage you can get for the size of space you have at the price you can afford!

If you have the space and cash to buy a larger house for your pet then do so. It gives them more room to explore and you more flexibility to create an interesting environment for your new friend. At the same time if you have a limited budget then a smaller home is ok too. Just be more creative about how you entertain your friend. Get a rodent ball to all them to roam the house while keeping him safe or create a table top play ground to explore with toilet paper or paper towel tubes for tunneling and blocks for climbing just remember to place a barrier around the edge to keep him safe and make sure you are supervising him at all times.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Help My cat might be plotting to kill me.... Is Yours?

Is your cat plotting to kill you?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Meet Taffy

This cute Terrier is Taffy a wonderful dog that likes to come visit us at Petco. He is extremely friendly and just can't wait to get lots of love from everyone he meets.

Taffy came in for a visit Wendesday during the lovely snow storm we had. As I was chatting with his owner about how having a small animal in the house with Taffy was not a very good idea since Terriers are bred to hunt and kill small fast moving animals. Taffy's owner mentioned that Taffy really liked going by the kitties we have in our store for adoption. She asked me if I would like to see something funny. At this exact sec... just as she finished asking... Taffy proceeds to lift his leg and pee.

It was a comic moment you just can't plan. I couldn't stop laughing it was too perfect. Now dogs peeing in the store is nothing new its one of the hazzards when you have someplace your allowed to bring your pets. So armed with clean up supplies I let Taffy's mom know that it was ok and that Taffy had just made my day.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Small Animal Saturday

Can you find the Pet in this picture

Ok I have to admit that this is not the best picture but there is a mouse in there can you find it?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pet Adoption

If you are considering getting a new pet then is a must for you. You can find any pet you can think of through this wonderful site. It is a place where all your local shelters come together to find kitties, puppies, bunnies, birds, lizards, Guinea Pigs, and Even Barnyard Animals new happy homes.

They also have a learning center to help you find all you need to know about your new family member. With everything from behavior to nutrition you will be ready to deal with any situation that may come up. This is such a great site that I will be adding a permanent link for anyone looking for a new Bestest Best Friend and everyone know that adopted pets are best.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fitz 1991 - 2010

My best friend died yesterday and I can't talk to anyone about it. Every time I try, a giant knot forms in my throat and the words can't get past it. He left my life the same way he came into it meowing all the way. He was the noisiest little bundle of fur you could possible imagine. He was my awwww pet. You know the one you get when you see them and they are just so cute you buy them without thinking ahead. He is the one I broke the rules for since I was living in a military dorm at the time and pets are a no no. Now if I had thought ahead, if I had had any rational thought at all he would have never come home with me. Why would any rational person get the loudest cat conceivable when you live in a place where you aren't suppose to have pets at all? We managed though. He lived with my little sister for a short while and my parents too. My hubby and I bought our first home and the first thing we did was to retrieve my buddy and bring him home. He was with me for so long …. longer then my kids have been alive…. longer then I've been married…. almost all of my adult life. Now he's gone. No more meowing to eat in the morning… No more fluffy furball in front of the computer screen when he wants attention. … No more help with the laundry. Just a quiet Nothing that fills the house.