Wednesday, April 15, 2009

They're Here so Lets have a Little Contests

Woo Hoo the Tadpoles have arrived.

No that ripoff site Living Aquatics didn't finally come through we ordered again through Uncle Milton....

No No not my Uncle Milton, I don't think I have one though I guess its possible my dad side of the family is hugh.

Uncle Milton is the company that made our little frog habitat and its who we received our first tadpole from. They were very quick when the e-mail came out saying they were shipping it, they arrived the next day. I tried to get a couple good pics here they are...

Now lets have a little fun. Lets Have a naming contest. The rules are simple... Post one or two good froggy names (no more then two) at the end of the month I'll let my kiddies pick from the list of names. That simple.

There will be two prizes. They will be pet specific... Not my pets but the winners pets. When kids have picked the names I will contact the winners to see what kind of pet(s) they have and will build the prize around them. I will post pics of the prizes before they are sent out.


Michelle said...

What a fun project for the kids. I'd love to do this with my 4 year old. Okay, 2 pet names. I thought I'd let my four year old pick the names. Here it goes. She like the names Rosco and Happy Frog. Thanks for stopping by and for the sweet holiday wishes. Take care.

Tim said...

Ok. Frogger and Kermit. This from my 6 year old. I figure if I got my names from the mind of a kid I might have a better chance. LOL

Thanks for your entry in my Contest. It was a really good one!

Love and Prayers,