Thursday, July 9, 2009

Frog Update and a New water dish

Hey all sorry about the long time between updates my hubby is working on his Masters Degree and I don't get much blog time.

Rosco the tadpole is still a tadpole he doesn't even have back legs yet. I've been searching around to see if it is normal for a tadpole to take so long to change but I haven't really found anything except it can take up to 90 days (I think it has been longer then that.)

If you have been reading along you would remember my comments about my older cat Fitz. If not then I'll tell you. He have become very picky in his old age. Some of the pickyness has to do with his water dish.
He refused to drink from it unless it was completely full. I was becoming rather concerned about whether or not he was drinking enough. So we went out and bought this. It's the Drinkwell pet Fountain.
It provides continuious flowing filtered water for your pet. We opted for the Platinum version because it has a bigger water storage container and since Cricket would drain the old bowl in one sitting we figured it was a better choice.
I have to tell you I love this thing. Fitz sat there for several minutes drinking water I was very happy. As promised on the package it is very quiet the filter on the fish tank makes more noise. The water flow is adjustable which is great for making sure there is no splashing and there is enough water for days. Definately a winning product I wish I had bought it sooner.

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