Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cricket Says "What the Heck Is THAT???"

Today's story is about thinking before you buy!
If you take a close look at the pictures you may notice a small bundle of fur at his feet. That is a pure breed Yorkie. No we will not be keeping him, He will be going to live with my Sister in law. But how he came to be spending a few days with us before arriving at his new home is an interesting story.
I was at work and a young lady entered the store carrying this cute bundle of fur. She asked if if we could take the puppy. It was appearent that she really liked the puppy so asked why she wanted to give him up. She explained that she had purchased the puppy and as she was taking him to the car decided she should contact her landlord to make sure she could have a dog. He told her No Way! So she went back into the store to return the dog and they told her they would not take the dog back because she had already taken him out of the store. She had no Idea what to do but had heard we take in unwanted animals and didn't want to take it to the pound. Every one started making calls. To see if anyone could take the puppy finally I called my inlaws and they were more then happy to take him in.

The moral of the story...... Do a lot of thinking before you purchase a pet. Try to take every part of your life into consideration. How much space do you have, how much time and care will he need? If you rent or are part of a community such as condos what are the rules for pets. Never buy a new pet on impulse!
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