Friday, September 30, 2011

Flea Control

We have had a lot of people coming in to the store lately looking for a way to get rid of fleas.

While there are several really good flea control formulas on the market there are reasons to try some natural remedies first. The reasons may be your own but here are a few. Its a Poison! Now most commercial flea formulas are designed to only kill the fleas and not harm your pets but you must use caution. We had tried one brand of flea collar on our cat and it made him drool uncontrollable. If you have little ones there is no telling what it will do to them. A manufacture can give you all the assurance they want but they have never tested it on children (an ethical impossibility) so they don't know! Last I haven't met a pet yet that when you put those little drops on the back of their neck shake to dry themselves sending drops of flea killer everywhere but where you want it.

Try some of these non-pesticide remedies first.

1. Start with a bath and a flea comb. Make sure you suds up from the face down as the tenacious little buggers will move in that direction if you start from the other end. Get your fingers in and scrub making sure you get all the way to the skin. Then rinse, once again from the head down washing them down the drain. Then use a flea comb to remove any stragglers.

2. Take care of the carpets. Mixing four parts borax and one part salt can create a powerful flea killer for your carpets. Make sure to keep an eye on the kids around borax though, as eating it can be harmful. If you have a washing machine big enough go ahead and throw the dog or cats be in the with some borax to kill any hiding there.

3. Build your own flea trap using a shallow bowl and some soapy water and a light. Put the soapy water in the bowl and place it in the affected area. Place the light about 6 inches over the bowl and turn on the light. ( A small desk lamp works great for this.) Then leave on all night. The fleas will be attracted to the light.

4. Keep your yard clean of debris. It makes an excellent place for the little buggers to hang out while waiting for your pet to come by. Also try planting some
pennyroyal, fennel, peppermint, rosemary or citronella which are natural bug repellents.

Now if there are any eggs they will hatch anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks so keep vacuuming and combing your pet and if any fleas are noticed time for another bath.

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