Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Getting Your Dog Ready for Winter

It's that time of year again and all the winter clothes are on the shelves not just for people but pooches too. If you have a small dog with little hair or take long winter walks with you best bud then its time to start shopping to keep him warm and toasty this winter.

Smaller dogs have a harder time keeping warm since they have less body mass to keep the heat in. If you home is as cold as mine in the winter you may consider getting them a sweater to keep the heat in. You may also want to consider a water proof outer layer for going outside make it one size larger then the sweaters so you can layer it over the sweater for extra warmth. Not sure what size to get the stop by one of the pet stores that love to have four legged visitors and let them help you find the right size.

For doggies going on long walks consider the water proof outer layer, even for big dogs if they are short haired or not one bred for cold climates, to keep them warm.

Last get some doggie boots to protect you best buddies paws from ice getting between the pads and the nasty salt some people use on their sidewalks to melt the snow. It can burn your pets tender pads. If you are going to forgo the boots then make sure you inspect and clean paws after a walk, making sure to get in between the pads where irritants can hide.

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