Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hypothermia in Pets

There are many pet owners who think that because their pets have fur coats they are well adapted to the cold weather.  Unfortunately it is a false belief that can kill your pet.

Some pets Are well adapted to the icy cold of winter time.  Large and medium long haired dogs can spend a great deal of time outside and be perfectly happy.  While small dogs and cats will feel the cold a lot quicker.

Would you recognize if your beloved best friend was being severely affected by the cold?  Hypothermia, or a body temperature that is below normal, is a condition that occurs when an animal is not able to keep her body temperature from falling below normal. Here are some of the signs of hypothermia, just in case you left you pet out a little too long:

Mild Case

More Serious: 
Stiff muscles
slow heart rate
slow breathing
Not responding to stimuli

If your pet is showing any of these signs wrap him up in a warm blanket consider a heating bottle wrapped in a towel to help warm him up.  Then call your vet immediately.  

Of course prevention is the best medicine so go outside with your pet.  If you start feeling cold then they probable are too.  Thought with very small pets go in before you feel cold.


Kim said...

I really love going back to your site to read your story and see more pictures that are really taken with great care. I had a very good read, and as I’m reading your article, my interest arises. Each of you deserve to be successful. Looking forward to read more of your posts when I get back. Congratulations!!!

April said...

Thank you Kim for stopping by and thanks for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures and the articles.