Sunday, February 5, 2012

Growing Up. ...... Bad For Mom Good For Cricket

My son has reached the age where he is embarrassed. To be seen with his mom walking to school.    TOO BAD for him. many times on the way to and from school I've almost been hit by idiots texting or deciding they don’t have to stop at the sign, or just aren't paying attention.  Not to mention the calls from the school saying some freaking pervert has once again tried to grab a kid going to or from school.  (You wouldn't believe the number of times I've gotten that call this year). 

Being the good mom that I try to be we had to come up with a way for me to walk him to school without embarrassing him in fronty of his peers.... Cricket to the rescue!

Dogs aren't allowed on school grounds so we haven't been tsking him but I don't mind Billy walking from the corner across the street to the school by himself.  There are other kids there and the security guard watches them. 

Now Billy gets to run Cricket to school (stopping at each corner to wait for slow poke mom) and mom walks him home.  This gives Billy a good reason for mom to be with him if his peers start trying to tease him cause" mommy is still walking him to school) and Cricket benifits from plenty of extra exerciseA

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