Thursday, March 1, 2012

Meet The Frilled Lizard

Needless to say I want him I want him I want him....... but I won't be getting him.

This beautiful lizard comes from the forests and savannahs of Western and Northern Australia and gets to be about 3 feet long.  The 3 feet is the problem I have no place to put a habitat large enough for him to be happy in.  The Frilled Lizard gets it name from a scaly frill that is folded against the back of its neck. When frightened or angry, the frill will pop out to make him look larger and more dangerous. It can measure up to 12" in diameter. 

As with any reptile he needs a habitat with a hotter end and a cooler end.  The temperature needs to range from 95° to 100° F in the basking area and 75° to 80° F in the cooler end of the enclosure.  This is so he can self regulate his body temperature.  

He is also a great climber so he would need a taller habitat with plenty of climbing surfaces and hiding places with humidity levels between 50% and 75%.  They are active during the daytime and if you get one like the fellow in the picture above he'll be a real ham.. I swear every time someone comes by with a camera, he starts posing.


Sandee said...

This would scare me to pieces. I don't think I could handle one of these as a pet.

Have a terrific day. :)

April said...

You got to start when they are little. The more you handle them when they are little the better they are as an adult :D

BeadedTail said...

We bet those are fun to play with but our mommy gets the eebie jeebies with critters that don't have fur. She's silly.

Angel & Isabella