Saturday, September 29, 2012

Small Animal Saturday

Mice As Pets 

A mouse can be a great pet for a number of reasons.  The are quiet an small so they don't take up much space. They only get up to 3 inches.  They are social animals that are alert and active.  You can teach the tricks and they don't cost much.

The down side is that they can be smelly.  Usually the males will mark their territory with a musky smelling urine.  So if your worried about smell stick to a lovey lady mouse.  If you choose more then one some of their behavior can be down right Hysterical.  When ever I Clean their cage at work they all scurry around and run on the wheel.  Usually five of six of them will get on some will run while some just hold on and spin around.  My favorite time is when little ones are in the store watching.  They laugh so hard you can't help but smile.

Hey George don't look down!

However do not take a mouse out of the wild they can carry diseases such as Hantaviruses.  
Pet mice have been breed by humans so do not come in contact with mice that might be carry disease.

Mice of a feather snuggle together!
You might want to chose more then on since they are social.  Just make sure they have enough room and if you choose males watch for dominance behavior because they will hurt each other.

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