Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's a Good Thing I Can Touch Type

My eldest cat Fitz has started demanding more attention lately. No matter how much petting, cuddling, scratching or tummy rubs he gets (yes he likes his tummy rubbed) he still wants more. He has taken to sitting in front of me anytime I sit down at the computer. I have had to start working around him which is not easy when you can't see the screen.

Why you might ask don't I just put him on the floor? I've tried that but he is very very determined and what I end up with is claws in my leg as he climbs his way back up instead of jumping. He is also very very old. He is older then my kids even older then my marriage. I adopted him in California in 1991. I was in the Air Force at the time and living in the dorms. (You are not suppose to have pets in the dorm but I couldn't resist the cute little kitten in need of a home) He went to live with my sister for a little while then he moved in with my mom when I cross trained from Areospace Ground Equipment into a Loadmaster for the C-141. After a year living at McGuire my future Hubby and I bought a trailer and Fitz came to live with us permanently. You are looking at a cat that has lived in more states then most Americans have visited. Here is a list. California, Arizona, Ohio (for a week) New Jersey, Arkansas and New York. With some sleep overs in the states inbetween as we moved from state to state. I don't really know how much longer Fitz has with me so if he wants lots of loving I'm going to give it to him. He has been my best friend for many many years.

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