Friday, March 5, 2010

Meet The Abandon

Every now and then someone decides they don't want their pets anymore. They bring them in and leave them usually without tell anyone. They just drop and run.

There two little ones we left in a plastic container on a counter in the store.

This big guy was left in a croc bag under the reptile enclosure.

And this beautiful Chinchilla was dumped in a shopping cart and left in the store.

We adopt out the pets that get dumped in our store once they have seen the vet. But you have to wonder why someone would take a pet and just dump them like that. I'm very torn! Part of me feel "how can you be so cruel to your pet" the other part says "well at least they dumped them someplace they will be well taken care of."

If you know of anyone that for what ever reason can not continue to care for their pet then please tell them about PETFINDERS.COM.

They can use this free site to find local shelters in their area based on the pet they have. By contacting these shelters they can get help getting their pets adopted into a loving family.


Laura said...

What I don't understand is how can someone just dropped their pet on the side of the road in the middle no where? That is so sad.

Stopping by from March Comment Challenge.

I am Harriet said...

Amazing what people do.

I'm stopping by to thank you for taking on the Comment Challenge.
Good luck and thanks!