Thursday, April 15, 2010

Is Your Dog Ready For Summer?

The heat is on! Time for long summer days playing in the sun, basking, jumping in the pool, digging holes and chasing those pesky birds and squirrels.

That's right summer is just around the corner and its time to get your furry friend ready!

Watch out for those hot, humid summer days, veterinarians recommend against leaving animals outside all day -- even in the shade. Unless your pet has a cool breezy outdoor area that is shaded throughout the day, he's safer indoors - especially during midday heat. It's important to remember that the shadows that your dog might take refuge in will move throughout the day and your best friend can become ill quickly if left in the sun to overheat.

It is especially important to bring in dogs that are elderly, very young or ill that have a tougher time keeping their body temperature constant.

Exercise is an important part of keeping your dog. However, overdoing it on hot day can cause your pet to overheat and put him at risk for heat exhaustion. It can also cause your dog sever pain as those hot sidewalks can burn his tender paw pads, especially in southern desert climates such as Arizona New Mexico and Texas.

The best time to get your buddy exercise is early in the morning or in the evening. Make sure you bring plenty of water and if he seems to be panting a lot or seems exhusted then take a nice break in the shade.

Make sure all his shots are up to date and if you haven't been using it, then its time to pull out the frontline, advantix or other flea preventative to keep your dog and you itch free.

Now for a nice summer treat to help keep your hot dog COOL:

Puppy Popsicle


Plastic Wrap
Paper Cups
Chicken Broth
Rawhide Sticks or other stiff stick like treat.

Pour Chicken broth into the paper cups and cover tightly with plastic wrap. Gently push the Rawhide stick through the plastic wrap. Place in freezer and leave there until frozen solid. Give to you HOT Dog to enjoy.

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