Saturday, April 24, 2010

Small Animal Saturday

Ok this Small Animal Saturday is not based on a question I was asked but something I experienced last week.

Lets talk Hamsters... I see people stop in with their little ones and ohh and ahhh over the ever so cute Hamsters. Then they ask me "Do they bite?" My answer is always..."Anything With a Mouth can BITE!"

Now a few days ago I was holding one of the Hammies and was petting him when someones dog barked and scared the poop out of the cute little guy. WHO proceeded to BITE the Crap out of me! We are talking Blood flowing and me trying to to swear in front of the little kids walking around the store.

Hammies have VERY sharp teeth. If you are thinking of getting on you should be ready for the chance that one of these little guys might get freaked out and in their panic will bite you. When someone is looking at one as a possible pet and they have children under 10 I always recommend getting a Guinea Pig instead. Guinea Pigs are larger, easier to handle and the least likely of all the rodents to bite.... notice I don't say never! I have had a Guinea Pig nip at me (he didn't draw blood). Because small children are going to react more strongly if they are bitten by their beloved fuzzy buddy a hamster should be out of the question. An older child can better understand the risks and will be better prepared for that possibility.

By the way my finger still hurts.


MageeMommy said...

OUCH!!! Oh, they look innocent and fuzzy and cute... LOL

I like guinea pigs too and they make cute noises. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog! Following back from FF. :)

April said...

HI MageeMommy thanks for coming by I like guinea pigs too. But right now I have a cat with a very strong hunting instincts so we cant have smaller pets ;)