Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cute Pics From the Pet Shop

He is just a sound sleeper he is not dead. Just thought I should mention.

Welcome to another edition of Small Animal Saturday!

Today we are once again going to talk about Hamsters.... Why? Because I got some really cute pictures this week at work and want to share. Also got a call from a customer who was concerned about her hamster's behavior.

On the phone the customer was worried because her hamster wasn't using his house and instead was moving all the bedding into his wheel and sleeping there.
This is perfectly normal hamster behavior. They are going to pick a spot they like and don't really care how cute or how expensive it is. They are rather like small children in this regard who would rather play with the big card board box instead of the over priced toy that came in the box. I explained that the hamster probably felt safer in the enclosed space of the wheel and as he got use to his new surroundings he would probably pick some where else.....then again maybe not!
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Veronica Lee said...

I know exactly what you mean. My first hamster loved to sleep on the slide in his cage and she looked really funny, like a big, fat, stuck rat!!
Thank you so much for sharing this!!
Love your blog.

Here's a pic of Snowball to share.

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