Sunday, May 23, 2010

Worlds Luckiest Rat

Meet Remy the rat.

The following story is true! It will be both Sad and Happy and if you have a sort of sick sense of humor and get puns then Funny too.

There were originally two rats in the store. They came in very small and to be used as food for pet snakes. (yes it's an unfortunate fact of working at a pet store that some animals are there for food). They were with us month after month and grew bigger and bigger.

One day we were having a little fun and started naming the animals after Disney characters. The rats had become very friendly with us and so we named them too. They became Remy and Emile named after the brothers in Ratatouille. They were with us for quite a while after they got their names and you could tell them apart even though they looked alot a like. Remy was more curious and would climb up on his house to get attention. Emile was more shy and would hide in his house but once you got him out he would love the attention too.

Well the unfortunate day came when someone bought them for their pet snake. If I had been there I would have hid them in the back but I wasn't and off they went. Well as they had been with us for a long time the snake could only eat one and Emile was then unlucky one. The snake however was way too full to even think about munching on Remy. The snake owner brought Remy back to the store and we put him in the back.

Our manager (who also had become rather attached to Remy and Emile) decided that Remy would not have to go through that again and we would adopt him out. Well adoption weekend after adoption weekend went by and Remy stayed with us. Well Last week someone came in who had another pet rat and after meeting Remy took him home as a play mate for her rat.

Congratulation Remy on your new home.

P.S. ... In case you didn't get the sick humor part several people I told this story too thought it was funny that the one that got eaten was Emile (A meal). Get it???


Veronica Lee said...

What a sweet story!! LOL and yes.. sob..sob...about Emile.
I'm glad Remy has a happy ending.

Chris said...

So Cute!

Letherton said...


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