Monday, January 16, 2012

Common Sense, Concern or Crazy

A few days ago I was reading over at Cold Antler Farm , a wonderful blog by Jenna, a young lady taking on the challenges of farming by herself.  She found herself in a situation that made her rather furious at a gentleman who was concerned about her dogs.  She had them in her car after a trip to the dog park and stop to pick something up at the grocery store.  Long story short, the man (you can read the whole story at Cold Antler Farm) refused to believe the dogs were hot and tired from the play session at the dog park and told her he was calling the police.

Now we have to face facts there are a lot of people in this world who have pets who shouldn't.  If you don't believer me check out Animal Cops on Animal Planet and check out some of the horrific things people do to animals.  We should be glad there are people in the world looking out for the mistreatment of animals and help when ever they can...BUT people come on you have to use some common sense!

I have been working at a pet store for 4 years now and there is a definite lack of common sense when it comes to some people and animals.  I actually had a customer threaten to call the ASPCA because there the ferrets had poop in their litter box.  REALLY!
No offense but I take a great deal of pride in the fact that about 95%of the ferrets we sell are litter box trained before they go home... (the other 5% are sold as soon as they come in they're just so darn cute) and this lady was way out of line and certainly not using common sense.

SO for all you animal lovers out there consider before you act.  There are some cases where it is more then obvious that an animal is being abused but there are other time when you need to stop and think!  As in the case with Jenna and the Gentleman.

Stop and consider the animal in question ... Does he look abused is he all cut up, emaciated, does his eyes look clear, is he clean or filthy?  Look for signs of abuse before getting all bent out of shape.  As for the dog in the car scenario ...It's true that on a hot day the temperature can quickly climb above a dogs ability to cool himself off but at this time of year its not going to happen.  A little common sense is required here use your brains that's why you have them. Is the pet involved truly abused or is just not the way we would keep our pet?

There is a difference you know!

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