Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sometimes The Force Is With You

Ok bad Star Wars reference aside. I told you I was looking for a new home for Rex our Red Eared slider. She had out grown her 40 breeder tank and needs more space.... A LOT more space. In the house we are currently renting we can neither fit a larger tank or build her an out door pond. BUT.... Sometimes the universe sends you just the helping hand you need. In my case the helping hand came in the form of Tom a customer at the Petco where I work. We started talking out his current pets and he mentioned he had a pond with several large koi. I asked him if he was interested in a rather large turtle and he jumped at the chance and started talking about the tortoises he already owned. When I mentioned that Rex had never hibernated before he even said he would be willing to build her an indoor habitat for the Winter. Then he sent me a picture of his pond to so I could show the kids to see what they think. My son was sad but said he understood that it was what would be best for Rex. When we took Rex to her new home I let Billy put her next to the pond which would be her new home. Here is the video I took of Rex's introduction to her new home. You might want to turn the volume down though cause I didn't realize just how good the mic was on my phone in video mode.

Rex went from 25 gallons of water to 1500 gallons.  We sat there for about a half an hour watching her explore her new home.  Thanks Tom for Everything.  Rex looks like she will be extremely happy with you!

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Lucky Lady said...

well I bet that is one happy turtle, enjoy Rex