Sunday, July 29, 2012

Did I Mention...

I've been rather busy lately.  You may have noticed... Well I'm up to something new! 

I already have my Small Animal Certification, Bird Certification, Reptile Certification, AND Fish Certification.  This means I'm qualified in all the basics.  That may be enough for the company I work for but for me that is not enough and I continue to learn as much as possible every chance I get...But that is steering off the course of my Exciting News.

Drum Roll Please ....  

I'm currently in training to become a Dog Trainer.  I'm soo excited!  I know some dog training since I have taken two dogs through them but now it will be official.  I will be offering classes at a time when there are none.  (during school hours).  So hopefully I'll get those bored stay at home parents who want to learn something new with their furry friends.  Hopefully I will be saving many a dog from the local shelters since the NUMBER 1 reason people relinquish their furry friend to a shelter is for behavioral issues.  That right they get rid of what was once a cute little puppy (or kitten), that was probably extremely expensive if they didn't adopt it from a shelter in the first place, to a shelter becasue they don't know how to teach the dog how to do what they expect it to do.

So hopefully I'll be able to help keep lots of loving dogs in their happy homes!

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