Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mewest Member of Our Cast

Meet Midnight... or as I call he Smidgen
 We added Midnight a couple weeks ago but I was having some kind of compatibility issues and I couldn't get the photos to load.  She is a rescued stray that we got from a shelter.
 Since then we've also added Lucky to our cast of characters.
She is only three months old and the family who owned her were going to turn her over to a shelter to have her put to sleep.  You see they had a four year old daughter whom would run past the dog giggling madly ( I watched her do this during training classes) and the puppy would give chase biting her heels.  "This is a mean dog always biting our daughter"

Well if any of you lovers of doggies know that at 3 months old puppies are all teeth and nipping.  They have to be taught that this is not appropriate behavior and you don't leave them alone with your giggly high strung child.  So now Lucky is living with us.  After she has been through the puppy basics we might just take this little energetic bundle of fur to Agility Training.  I think she would be pretty good at it.

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