Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Most Amazing Dog I've Ever Seen

I was at work the other day at Petco. I was working the register and it was a slow slow day. Someone had left a magazine at the register and I noticed an article about how to tackle the 5 toughest training problems. As I was flipping through the magazine I saw the strangest site. A dog wearing an Army shirt standing on his back legs.

That made me stop and take a second look. When I looked at the next photo of the dog I saw it had no front legs. I was shocked. I though maybe it was an Army work dog that had been injured in the line of duty. So I flipped to the front of the article and started reading about Faith The Wonder Dog.

Faith wasn't an Army Working dog but a dog that was born with one leg missing and one that in bad shape. (that one was later lost) The family that took her in took turns taking care of the puppy, refusing to put her to sleep. They started teaching her to get up using peanut butter. One day they took her outside in the snow and Faith got up and started hopping around the yard. Now Faith walks on two legs its absolutely amazing. I went online to the magazines website and watched the video with Oprah it was so cool. I also discovered that Faith and her family have their own website which you can visit here and see Faith in Action.


Ailurophile said...

Wow how very interesting. Thanks for introducing Faith. I'm heading over to her website right now. Bless the family who saved her and didn't lose faith in her.

You've got a lovely blog here. Keep it up :)

April said...

Thank you Ailurophile I will do my best.