Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Ok Tim and Michelle I'm about to post pictures of the prizes I'm sending your way so If you want to be surprised then Don't read any further.

That's Not IT

NOPE That's not It Either

Nope Not YET!

Are they gone???

Ok to everyone else here is what I'm sending my wonderful winners both of whom had dogs.

That's both prizes there. Both winners will be getting a reusable Shopping bag with the Petco Foundation Logo on it for those trips to the pet store to buy their doggies a treat. A bag of Natural Balance Treats with Potato and Duck. I picked the Natural Balance Treats since I don't know if either family's pets have allergies so I'm playing it safe. They are both getting a Dispenser that hooks onto their leash that holds baggies for clean up. I love mine it makes it so easy to remember to take something along to keep the neighborhood clean. They are both getting a toy too but different ones. Tim and his family have a Maltipoo which is a small dog so I'm sending them the Stars and Strips chew bone. Michelle and her family have two Golden Retrievers so I'm sending them the Stars and Strips ball and tug rope. I hope they like their prizes. Now where did I put those boxes :D


Rose Works Jewelry said...

I read way to fast too :P

April said...

LOL sorry was the post too short :D

jazmine said...

i like the toy it's cute! haha! hey try this Pup-peroni dog treats, this really makes my dog happy!

Michelle said...

I just loved the prizes. We received them on Saturday. Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart. Our dogs are enjoying these fun treats right this very minute. I've left you a thank you on my blog. Thanks again for having this fun contest. My 4 year old really enjoyed it. Of course so did mommy.