Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I won an award

It was given to me by Tina over at Mummy Diaries

It was for the answer I gave for The question:

How can i stop my child from coming out of their bedroom and into mine every night? I hope my answer helped Lyndsey from the UK. Here is what I said:

Start by developing a bed time routine. Make it the same everynight this will help them mentally ready for bed. Then when they get up at night you have to take the back to their own bed immediately. Talk to them there about why they are up. Don't turn on any lights as this will wake them up more. Once they have settled back into their own bed the go back to your. This may take several times before they stop doing it but you must be consistant.

If you want to participate in the question of the week stop over to Mummy Diaries she has a new question each week .

Thanks for the award Tina


Sandee said...

I can see why you won this award. Excellent advice indeed.

Have a terrific day. :)

Kathleen said...

congratulations! you must be an undeniably great exhort-er. =)

April said...

Thank You Sandee, You have a great day too :D

April said...

Thank You Kathleen :D

wenn said...

hi, congrats..u deserve it..

Tina said...

Your welcome. Well deserved :)

No one has emailed me with a question for a while actually,so i havent done new advice for a few weeks. Hopefully i can again soon.

Thanks for putting the award up and linking me

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