Monday, August 24, 2009

Walking The Dog

I think many people take for granted that our best and most loyal friend never complains. So today I'm going to let Cricket do some complaining for them.

Hi my name is Cricket, my family rescued me from a very noisy place where I was kept in a cage. There were lots of other dogs there and all of them were as sad as I was. At my new home there was another dog named Wags and she told me stories of all the places she had lived with her new family. One of place was so hot the pavement could burn her paws If she went out in for a walk in the middle of the day. She could look out the window and see other families walking by with their dogs ignoring the fact that while the covering they had on their feet protected them from the burning hot road their four footed friend was suffering loyally beside them.

She told of other places like where I was born that got so cold in the winter the ground would freeze. Though the cold ground was no bother to her well padded paws, the big trucks that lumbered down the road poured stuff out the back that would get up in between her paws and irritate them. Lucky for Wags that our family made sure to clean her paws after their walks together. But after living in the place with the hot pavement she wondered how many other families with dogs remembered to take care of their paws after a walk.

Wags has gone away but her stories stay with me and I'm glad I have such a thoughtful family to live with.



Sandee said...

Our Little Bit never has to worry about anything bothering her paws either. Her mommy and daddy think of her first just like your parents do. It's a wonderful thing.

Have a terrific day April :)

April said...

Glad to hear it Sandee :D

You have a terrific day too :D