Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Tank For Rex The Red Eared Slider

A little bit of advice for anyone condsidering a Red Eared Slider. Double Check the food lable.

Not the best picture sorry but you might notice the two red circles. One lable says Growth Formula the other says Maintance Formula. Make sure when you grab your food you get the Maintance Formula not the Growth Formula. We made that mistake for you and the results is that we had to go and get Rex a new Tank sooner then planned all because I wasn't paying enough attention.

Presenting Rex's new "Indoor Pond"

This thing is about twice the size of his original.

He still has some growing to do but now he will do it slower and will still have plenty of room.

I have more to say about owning a Red Eared Slider but it will have to wait until tomorrow since I have to go to work shortly.


Sandee said...

I've never had good luck with fish. I just don't seem to know what and what not to do. I give you tons of credit for knowing what to do.

Have a terrific day April. :)

April said...

Thanks Sandee :D