Sunday, February 28, 2010

Small Animal Saturdays

Ok I know it's Sunday but as they say Better Late Then Never.

This question was asked the other day: How do I keep my Hamster from biting me?

You need to earn his trust to get him to stop. If he is biting you then he is afraid of you. Remember rodents are food for lots of other animals and they are afraid of everything. To earn his trust try the following steps.

1. Give him a couple of days with out handling him. This will allow him time to relax.
2. After a couple of days offer him a treat with one hand while gently petting his back with the other. Make sure you wash your hands so they don't smell like anything eatable.
3 After a couple of days with the hand feeding try picking him up make sure you scoop him so that you are supporting his hind legs this will make him feel more secure. If you are worried about being bitten again then try scooping him up using his house or a small box so you can hold him close to you and pet him with out getting your hands near his mouth.

Also make sure he has a chance to fully wake up before trying to pick him up ;)

It may take a while before he feels secure with you but take your time and you will be able to hold him without getting bitten.


Elizabeth Channel said...

Good advice! I find this works also with my guinea pig!

April said...

Yes it does work for most small animals they all need a little time to trust. Thanks for stopping by Elizabeth :D