Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fitz 1991 - 2010

My best friend died yesterday and I can't talk to anyone about it. Every time I try, a giant knot forms in my throat and the words can't get past it. He left my life the same way he came into it meowing all the way. He was the noisiest little bundle of fur you could possible imagine. He was my awwww pet. You know the one you get when you see them and they are just so cute you buy them without thinking ahead. He is the one I broke the rules for since I was living in a military dorm at the time and pets are a no no. Now if I had thought ahead, if I had had any rational thought at all he would have never come home with me. Why would any rational person get the loudest cat conceivable when you live in a place where you aren't suppose to have pets at all? We managed though. He lived with my little sister for a short while and my parents too. My hubby and I bought our first home and the first thing we did was to retrieve my buddy and bring him home. He was with me for so long …. longer then my kids have been alive…. longer then I've been married…. almost all of my adult life. Now he's gone. No more meowing to eat in the morning… No more fluffy furball in front of the computer screen when he wants attention. … No more help with the laundry. Just a quiet Nothing that fills the house.

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